Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Windows Messenger

It is an instant messaging program that lets you communicate in real time with other people.

Things you can do:-
1.You can make contacts of your friends,relatives,colleagues.
2.You can chat with them when they are on line.
3.You can send and receive messages
4.You can call a phone at a very cheap rate to anywhere.
5.Link directly to the e-mail inbox of your default e-mail program
6.Invite someone to play a game, look at a program on your computer, or use a whiteboard together.
7.Share pictures, music, or documents to your contacts
8.Use Remote Assistance to allow someone to help you with your computer
9.Microsoft .NET Alerts alert system keep you alert constantly.

What's New In XPSP2?
In Windows XPSP2 there have been a few changes in Windows Messenger's functionality.

Block Unsafe File Transfers:-

Files are blocked when both of the following occur:

The sender is not on your Contacts list.

Someone tries to send you a file that is considered unsafe

.jpg, .txt, and .gif extensions are generally considered safe and you can receive them still from persons who are not in your contact list.

You are prompted before opening the following file types:-

.doc, .ppt, .xls, .zip, .wpd,.pdf.exe, .cmd, .wsh, .bat, .vb, .vbs; .pif, .scr, .scf,.exe, .cmd, .wsh, .bat, .vb, .vbs; .pif, .scr, .scf.
any file that contains software code or script including macros, executables, and JavaScript.
or,with any other extension.

Required User Display Name:-

A user display name that is different from the user’s e-mail address is now required.If a display name is not provided, one cannot log on.
On the File menu, the user’s display name is stored in a text file, along with any associated text messages. Virus applications can discover the e-mail address in the text file and use it to propagate to the user’s contacts through these same instant messaging conversations.Thus it's important.

Relationship With The Firewall:-

To give Windows Messenger permission to connect to the Internet, click Start>Control Panel>Security Options>Windows Firewall>Exceptions, and then, in Programs and Services, click Windows Messenger.

Useful Links:-

Windows Messenger FAQ

Information About the Unsafe File List in Internet Explorer 6

Latest Version of
MSN Messenger: 6.2.0137 Download
Windows Messenger: 5.0.0482 Download

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