Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bluetooth Troubleshootings In XP SP2

Various components of Bluetooth may be failing, or the radio is not properly:-

This happens if the drivers are not properly updated during the installation.



Now navigate to the following key:-


Delete the following key:

Open Device Manager.
Remove the Bluetooth radio listed here.>Action >Scan for hardware changes.
This should re-enumerate the Bluetooth adapter installed on the computer, using
the SP2 drivers.

Bluetooth device is not detected or, Add Bluetooth Device Fails:-


Start>Run>Type in %windir%\inf>Ok

Locate and rename the Bth.inf to Bth.bak and now install bluetooth driver.


Open Device Manager>Right click on BT Device>Update the driver.

Slow Connection or Disconnects:-


*Check the distance between the computer and the device.

**Be sure that there is not too many connections to the same device.

***Check if you have the following devices near by:-

Cordless telephones that use the 2.4 GHz range.
○ Microwave ovens.
○ X10 Devices, such as those that control automatic lighting and universal remote
○ Networks using 802.11, also known as Wi-Fi.
● In addition to the devices listed above, water and walls can affect Bluetooth radio

Problems In Personal Area Network (PAN) connections:-

The device is out of range: When this occurs, you will receive the error “Windows
was unable to connect with your Bluetooth-enabled network device. It may be turned
off, out of range, or it may not be configured to accept connections. Consult your
device’s documentation for information on how configure it to accept connections.”
● The device requires re-authentication: When this occurs, you will receive the error:
“The Bluetooth-enabled network device requires re-authentication. Do you wish to
proceed with this step? Press “Yes” to re-authenticate with the device. Press “No” to
return to the Bluetooth Network Devices dialog.”
● If an issue other than the above is encountered, you will receive the error: “The
connection with the Bluetooth-enabled network device failed. Please consult your
device’s documentation for more information on how to resolve this.”

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