Sunday, July 23, 2006

Image Toolbar is missing

If you don't get the image toolbar over an image then try the following:-

1.In Internet Explorer, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
2.On the Advanced tab, click to clear (disable) or click to select (enable) the Enable Image Toolbar (requires restart) check box.
3.Click OK.

How to Use the Image Toolbar and Automatic Image Resizing Feature in Internet Explorer 6

Image Toolbar Does Not Appear Over Image in Internet Explorer


Yes,that's my latest blog on Windows Media Center.Visit:-

Saturday, July 22, 2006

wmnetmgr.dll error

The Problem:- Everytime I open IE it crash and the error siganture is AppName: iexplorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: wmnetmgr.dll ModVer: 11.0.5358.4827 Offset: 0047c82 .What can I do?

Re-register wmnetmgr.dll

Start > Run > regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmnetmgr.dll > OK

Alternatively you can revert back to WMP10 from WMP 11..You may opt System Restore to return to WMP 10.

Windows Live Messenger Error Code 8100030d

When you are trying to sign in Windows Live Messenger you are getting an Error Code 8100030d.

Resolution:-If you have Zone Alarm then disable Zone Alram and rery.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Vista Build 5472 And Live Messenger

I found a few references where it has been mentoned that Live Messenger doesn't work well on Vista 5472.I have installed it on Vista 5472 and it works just fine- like in Windows XP.Really no problem at all.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

What File Types Are Supported In Windows Media Center

Music files:-

Music file types (format)and their File name extensions :-

Audio CDs> .cda
Windows Media Audio file> .asx, .wm, .wma, and .wmx
Windows audio file> .wav
MP3 audio file >.mp3 and .m3u

Video files:-

Video file types (format)
and their File name extensions:-

Windows Media file >.wm and .asf
Windows Media Video file> .wmv
Windows video file> .avi
Movie file> .mpeg, .mpg, .mpe, .m1v, .mp2, and .mpv2

Picture files:-

Picture file types (format) and their File name extensions :-

Joint Photographic Experts Group >.jpg and .jpeg
Tagged Image File Format> .tif and .tiff
Graphics Interchange Format> .gif
Bitmap >.bmp
Windows MetaFile> .wmf
Portable Network Graphics >.png

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Critical Updates for Windows XP Media Center Edition

This update provides stability and performance enhancements and replaces Q329979:Start download.

April 2006 Update Rollup for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB914548)

Windows XP Media Center Edition Patch: Remote Sensor Driver & Firmware Update

Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB900325)

Windows XP Media Center Edition Product Activation Hotfix

Windows XP Patch: Windows XP Media Center Edition Fast User Switching Hotfix

Client Services for Netware has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching

The Problem:-
I am unable to use the fast user switching screen and welcome screen at start up. the only thing I can use is classic logon prompt. I tried to go into the control panel and change it back but when I click on the "change the way users log on and off" it brings up a box and says that "Client Services for Netware has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching. To restore these features you must uninstall client services for netware."

Resolution:-Open Network Connections. Right click on your network connection and select Properties. Click the General tab and locate the Netware entry and highlight it. Click Uninstall. Unless you know you need it, Client Services for Netware is generally not used outside of a corporate environment.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Decoder Error - The video decoder has either malfunctioned or is not installed.

A fresh install of Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 may not have the necessary CODEC,as a result when you are trying to view Live TV then the Television won't display correctly and you will get the following error:-Decoder Error - The video decoder has either malfunctioned or is not installed.


1]Download the Microsoft Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility .This utility will help you to determine if an MPEG-2 video decoder or, a DVD decoder is installed on your system and whether or not the decoder is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

2] Next you download and install compatible video decoder which will allow you to view TV without any prroblem.Nvidia,Cyberlink Power DVD,Win DVD or,Sonic will help.Personally I find Nvidia Pure Video is excellent.Remember you just need the decoder not the full or entire package.

Here is a list of compatible decoders:-

NVidia PureVideo:-


Cyberlink Corp:-

Intervideo Corp.:-

*SourceForge :-

*[The last one is Free]

Tweak MCE PowerToy

Tweak MCE gives you access to systems settings and options not normally exposed in the Windows XP Media Center Edition user interface, including remote control settings, Skip and Replay time customizations, user interface options, and more. It also helps you to optimize Media Center Extender for plasma and non-CRT displays.

Hauppague Tweak Tool

If you have Hauppague Tuner card,installed on your system then here is a very cool tool for you.It will allow you to take more control as far as colour,contrast of the pictures are concerned as well as more finer audio and video settings.
Hauppauge Tweak Tool

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

To: Turn closed captioning on or offPress: CTRL+SHIFT+C

To: Turn up volumePress: F10

To: Go to the previous channelPress: PAGE DOWN

To: Turn down volumePress: F9

To: Mute volumePress: F8

To: Open Messenger in Media CenterPress: CTRL+N

To: Display the Help windowPress: F1

To: Display an additional menu of actions for a page or item that is selected Press: CTRL+D

To: Go in and go out of windowed modePress: ALT+ENTER

To: Move left, right, up, or downPress: ARROW KEYS

To: Go to the previous pagePress: PAGE UP

To: Go to the next pagePress: PAGE DOWN

To: Go to the last item in a listPress: END

To: Go to the first item in a listPress: HOME

To: Go back to the previous screenPress: BACKSPACE

To: Accept the selectionPress: ENTER

To: Close Media CenterPress: ALT+F4

To: Open Media Center or return to the Media Center Start menuPress: Windows Key+ALT+ENTER

To: Go to the next channelPress: PAGE UP

To: Skip forward 30 second while watching TVPress: CTRL+F

To: Skip back 7 seconds while watching TVPress: CTRL+B

To: Fast forward live TV or recorded TVPress: CTRL+SHIFT+F

To: Rewind live TV or recorded TVPress: CTRL+SHIFT+B

To: Play live TV or recorded TVPress: CTRL+SHIFT+P

To: Stop recording or stop playing a TV showPress: CTRL+SHIFT+S

To: Pause or resume live TV or recorded TVPress: CTRL+P

To: Record a TV showPress: CTRL+R

To: Go to live TVPress: CTRL+T

To: Go to the GuidePress: CTRL+G

To: Go to Recorded TVPress: CTRL+O

To: Go to My TVPress: CTRL+SHIFT+T

To: Copy a CDPress: CTRL+R

To: Fast forward a songPress: CTRL+SHIFT+F

To: Skip to the next songPress: CTRL+F

To: Replay an audio file or songPress: CTRL+B

To: Stop an audio file or songPress: CTRL+SHIFT+S

To: Pause an audio file or songPress: CTRL+P

To: Play an audio file or songPress: CTRL+SHIFT+P

To: Go to My MusicPress: CTRL+M

To: Skip forwardPress: CTRL+F

To: Skip backPress: CTRL+B

To: Resume playing radioPress: CTRL+SHIFT+P

To: Stop live radioPress: CTRL+SHIFT+S

To: Pause or resume playing live radioPress: CTRL+P

To: Go to RadioPress: CTRL+A

To: Zoom a picture in full-screen modePress: ENTER

To: Skip forward to the next picturePress: RIGHT ARROW

To: Skip back to the previous picturePress: LEFT ARROW

To: Pause a slide showPress: CTRL+P

To: Stop a slide showPress: CTRL+SHIFT+S

To: Play a slide showPress: CTRL+SHIFT+P

To: Go to My PicturesPress: CTRL+I

To: Skip forward 30 seconds in a videoPress: CTRL+F

To: Skip back 7 seconds in a videoPress: CTRL+B

To: Fast forward a videoPress: CTRL+SHIFT+F

To: Rewind a videoPress: CTRL+SHIFT+B

To: Stop playing a videoPress: CTRL+SHIFT+S

To: Pause or resume a videoPress: CTRL+P

To: Play a videoPress: CTRL+SHIFT+P

To: Go to My VideosPress: CTRL+E

To: Change the DVD subtitles selectionPress: CTRL+U

To: Change the DVD audio selectionPress: CTRL+SHIFT+A

To: Change the DVD anglePress: ARROW KEYS

To: Skip forward or go to the next chapterPress: CTRL+F

To: Skip back or go to the previous chapterPress: CTRL+B

To: Fast forwardPress: CTRL+SHIFT+F

To: RewindPress: CTRL+SHIFT+B

To: Stop a DVDPress: CTRL+SHIFT+S

To: Pause or resume playing a DVDPress: CTRL+P

To: Play a DVDPress: CTRL+SHIFT+P

To: Go to the DVD menuPress: CTRL+SHIFT+M

Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) and Media Center2005

The Problem:-
After installing Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) in MCE 2005,Windows Media Center Extender cannot establish a remote connection.

You may receive the following error message from Windows Media Center Extender for Xbox:

The Media Center for Xbox has unexpectedly disconnected from the Media Center PC. The Extender requires a connection to the computer. The Extender might have been disconnected because of network congestion, a network disconnection, or because the PC has been turned off.

You may receive an error message that is similar to the following from third-party extenders:

An error occurred while the Media Center Extender tried to communicate with the Media Center PC. Verify your network and the PC are working and then select OK to try again.

Why Does it happen?

Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is not compatible with Media Center 2005.

Right-click the notification area icon and, then click Shutdown Microsoft AntiSpyware.

Can Not Join A Domain In Media Center 2005

You cannot join your computer to a domain in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.


Media Center Edition 2005 does not support your computer to join a domain. This edition of Windows is designed as an exclusive home entertainment system. By using Media Center Extender devices you can share the entertaiments with your family members to various locations of your house..Media Center Extender devices require concurrent connections, and these are available only through the Fast User Switching component. Therefore, the domain join functionality in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is disabled.

But if you have ealier versions of Media Center?

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 does not allow for you to join a domain but a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 PC upgraded to Media Center Edition 2005 can join domains.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Latest NVidia PureVideo Decoder for Media Center

This is one of the most commonly used MPEG2 decoders for Media Center.The latest version is Version: 1.02-223 and it was released on 28th June, 2006,
What's new:-
Release Notes show:-
Support for High Definition (HD) inverse telecine on compatible GPUs. See for a list of supported GPUs.
After installing the PureVideo Decoder and using the MCE "speaker setup" wizard to select 5.1 speakers, the audio will only be set in 2 channel stereo mode. This is a known issue with Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup2. You may
download this patch to fix the problem. The patch sets the proper value for 5.1 analog and must be run after using the speaker setup wizard. Note: You must run this patch every time after you run the wizard in order for the settings to remain active.
Other compatibility fixes,
click here to view the User's Guide

Redesigned menu system in Vista Media Center

In case if Vista Media Center you will find a complete redesigned menu system.All menus are now on horiznal plane instead of vertical menus present in Windows Media Center 2005.All favourite digital entertainment—including live and recorded TV, movies, music, and pictures—in one place with the easy-to-use
Windows Media Center menu system and remote control.

How to run Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 smoothly

If we follow a few basic things we can surely enhance the performance of Media Center.

Remove temporary files,temporary Internet files:-

Disk Cleanup helps free up space on your hard drive. Disk Cleanup searches your drive, and then shows you temporary files, Internet cache files, and unnecessary program files that you can safely delete. You can direct Disk Cleanup to delete some or all of those files.

Remove memory dump files:-

Search for *.dmp and delete the files.

Defragment the hard disk drive:-

Disk Defragmenter consolidates fragmented files and folders on your computer's hard disk, so that each occupies a single, contiguous space on the volume. As a result, your system can gain access to your files and folders and save new ones more efficiently

Increase the paging file size:-

1.Click Start, click Run, and then type sysdm.cpl in the Open box.

2.Click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under Performance.

3.Click the Advanced tab, and then click Change under Virtual memory.

4.Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the paging file that you want to change.

5.Under Paging file size for selected drive, click Custom size.

6.In the Initial size (MB) box, enter a new initial paging file size. The size should be at least 1.5 times the amount of system RAM.

7.In the Maximum size box, enter the maximum paging file size. The size should be at least two times the size of the initial paging file size.

8.Click Set, and then click OK three times.

9.Click Start, and then click Turn Off Computer.

10.Choose Restart.

Remove Malwares:-

Boot in to Safe Mode and scan your system with latest versions of malware removal tools (like-Spybot,Search and Destroy,CWShredder as well as Adaware etc.)

"msvcr71.dll cannot be found" error in Media Center 2005

The Problem:-

During repairing installation of Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition,you you may receive the following error message:-
msvcr71.dll cannot be found


1.Close the error message box.

2.Open the Notepad, paste the following XML sample code:

3.Save the file as Copy2gac.exe.config in the following folder:
Windows Folder\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705.Note Windows Folder is a placeholder for the location of your Windows folder.

4.You can now successfully repair your operating system.

Further Ref:-

Electronic Programming Guide in India-Reality

Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd on May 05,2006 launched its latest offering, the Electronic Programming Guide for Windows XP Media Center PCs, to enable users to control their television entertainment experience in India.

EPG, an onscreen interactive guide to television programmes, which for the first time in India, will allow viewers to navigate, select, discover and record shows across more than 80 channels in the country.

When I tried to download the guide for my Media Center,I got the message:-"Guide Listings Not Available.TV Program Guide listings are not available for your country or region. " [see the pic].I experienced the very same scenario in case of Vista Media Center.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Software Requirements for installing MCE2005

To install Windows Media Center 2005 we need the following softwares:-

1] Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 CD1
2] Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 CD2
3] Media Center compatible TV tuner / encoder drivers.
4] Media Center compatible display adapter drivers.
5] Media Center compatible MPEG2 decoder.

Hardware Requirements for MCE 2005

1] 2 Ghz processor or better 3+ Ghz

2] 512MB RAM

3] Primary Hard Disk Drive (Minimum 20 GB) for operating system and applications.
If you have Secondary Hard Disk Drive (Minimum 80 GB) for storage.

4] Media Center compatible TV tuner / encoder.

5] Media Center compatible display adapter.

6] Media Center Remote Control and IR Transceiver

Microsoft Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition beta 1

Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition Beta 1 is an exciting new addition to the Windows Media tools family. It is a powerful tool for video professionals, optimized for the creation of high-quality offline encoding using Microsoft’s implementation of the VC-1 video standard (WMV9). Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition Beta 1 provides the key features necessary to create next-generation video content and capitalize on the growing importance of scenarios around optical media and video-on-demand. With the final standardization of VC-1, “Studio Edition”, will prove to be an invaluable tool for the offline encoding community.

Download: Microsoft Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition beta 1

Homepage: Microsoft Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition

How Can I move to Media Center Edition From Win XP Pro?

The Problem:-
Just wondering... I have a PC running xp pro at the moment, is it possible ?or me to upgrade to media centre edition without reinstalling all my programs and losing all my files etc?

Resolution:-Well,you can't upgrade,you have to perform a Clean installation to get Media Center Edition.

You may be able to use the File and Settings Transfer Wizard to help move some of your files/settings...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

An Alternative To Windows Media Center PCs

Linux's reply to Windows Media Center.As I go through the article I ind lots of hot features are there,but also keep the price factor in mind.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

PowerToy Calc:A strange error in Velocity - Miles/Hour to Feet/Hour conversion

I have downloaded and installed PowerToy calculator from Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP.Whenever I try to convert from Velocity - Miles/Hour to Feet/Hour, there seems to be an error. Entering 1[mi/h->ft/h] results in 1760 instead of 5280 foot per hour.

*[ 1 mile per hour = 5280 foot per hour ]

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Can not minimize,maximize or close Yahoo Messenger in Vista Beta#2

The Problem:
After downloading the latest beta version or Yahoo Messenger 7.5 a strange thing occurs.You can't minimize,maximize or close Yahoo Messenger.

Go to menu,click Messenger,scroll down to Change Skin...and click on it,from the drop down box of Skin select Classic and click the OK button.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Non Glass Theme@Vista

Microsoft has confirmed non glass themes for windows vista.It was first discussed in hive[],then Nick White of MSFT wrote in detail in his blog:-

Thus if you don’t have a display driver capable of running WDDM you’ll get the Windows Vista Basic theme,which is standard for Vista Home Basic Edition.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Favorites-A Unique Feature In Vista Media Center

In Windows XP Media Center 2005,there was no scope to add own 'Favorite' channels.But in Vista Media Center this great feature has been added.As a result most viewed channels will be under the Favorites.

How To:-
Launch Vista Media Center > Click Guide > Press [CTRL+D] keys together > Scroll down to Filter Guide and click on it > Click Favorites.

This will will narrow the guide down to your favorite channels.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cabinet File

What is a Cabinet File?

-A cabinet is a single file created to hold a number of compressed files.

What will you do if a .CAB file got corrupted?

- You have to extract individual files from the cabinet files to replace missing or corrupted files.

How can you extract ?

1] Press Win+R keys to launch Run menu.

2]Now type in:msconfig and click OK.

3]Click Expand Fille...

4]Name the file you want to extract in the File to restore box

5]Click Browse From tab to restore the file in the Restore from box.For example, the Windows XP .cab files are stored in the I386 folder present in XP CD.

6]Locate the folder where you want to Save file in.

7]Click Expand tab In the System Configuration Utility dialog box, click OK>Restart.


Description and Explanation of a Cabinet File