Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Slipstreaming XP SP2

What is Slipsreaming?
This is a way to integrate Service Pack 2 in to Windows XP installation point that may be on CD or a network share.

What is the main advantage of slipstreaming?
It is a way of installing Service Pack 2 with the original installation.Thus you don't have to waste your time bty installing the service pack separetely.

Is there any potential pitfall?
Yes.You can not uninstall Service Pack as the whole thing is integrated with the original opertaing system.

Installing Windows XP Professional Integrated with a Service Pack on a network distribution share:-

1]Connect to the network or computer on which you want to create the distribution folder.

2]Create a distribution folder named WinXP\PRO, type: mkdir E:\WinXP\PRO

3]Insert the XP PRO CD into the CD-ROM drive, and then copy the contents of the CD to the distribution folder ;thus to copy the CD content to the distribution folder named WinXP\PRO, type: xcopy D:\ E:\WinXP\PRO /e

4]Apply Service Pack 2 located in the Sevice Pack CD,present in the CD-ROM drive to the Windows XP Professional installation files located in the distribution folder named WinXP\PRO, type: D:\XPSP2.exe /integrate:E:\WinXP\PRO

5]After setup integrates the service pack files with Windows XP, Windows XP Professional can be deployed to users' computers from the network distribution share in attended or unattended mode.

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