Saturday, July 16, 2005

How to disable Security Alert icon reminders popping up

Overview:-Security Center alerts users to protect their computers against a variety of security risks.The Security icon pops up in the system tray and reminds us regularly about security related vulnerabilities. e.g. the anti-virus software has not been updated or the firewall is not configured properly,or the automatic update is not on or not configured properly.But if one wants to get rid of this icon and constant reminders he/she can do the following:-

Now navigate to the following key:-
Highlight Security Center and you will find the following entries as default (the default value data is zero):- Click the following image to get an enlarge view:-
Now right click on each item and select 'Modify' Change the value Change the Value Data from zero to one.Close the registry editor and restart the computer.

Security Icon sometimes missing in taskbar

The Problem:- The Windows Security Icon does not always show up when I start up my PC.Is this a problem?

Resolution:-No.just that there is nothing it needs to warn you about.The Security icon is only displayed if there is a problem with one of the items it's monitoring, ie firewall, AV or automatic updates.