Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Those Annoying Problems Of Windows Update

You Can't download any updates:-
Resolution :-
Open command prompt and type in the following commands:-
net stop cryptsvc>ENTER
ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 oldcatroot2>ENTER
net start cryptsvc >ENTER

SP2 download failed:-
Some log files you can check for any clues or error messages:%windir%\WindowsUpdate.log (if you install SP2 from WU)%windir%\Svcpack.log%windir%\setupapi.log

Windows Update Site Lists Updates That You Already Installed( keep getting in a loop about needing to update the software):-
1]Either visit Windows Update site,let it scan for updates and again download and install the updates.
2]Through the registry edit-;EN-US;Q319109

There are no updates available at this time" message:-
When you visit Windows Update site it scans 100% but get the above message.
Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Click the Languages" button>Make sure at least one language is listed in the "Language Options" dialog

Scan Hangs at 0%:-
Try this Windows Update Scan for Updates Stops Responding at 0%

There are no Accept or Agree button for the EULA in Windows Update:-
Right click the Desktop>Properties>click Settings tab,>click Advanced button>Set dpi to 96dpi Or press Tab key.

Not a valid win32 application:-
Re-download the update.
Make sure that you are downloading a 32 bit update not a 64 bit.

"Windows Update was disabled by your system administrator" error message:-

Active X error when attempting to use Windows Update:-
Check the Security setting of Internet Explorer.Set it to 'Default Level'.
Tools>Internet Options>Security tab>Default Level>ok

windows update v5 freezing:-

Start>Run>regsvr32 wuapi.dll>ok
Start>Run>regsvr32 wups.dll>ok
Start>Run>regsvr32 wuaueng.dll>ok
Start>Run>regsvr32 wucltui.dll>ok
Start>Run>regsvr32 msxml3.dll>ok

A blank page appears when you use Windows Update:-

Start>Run>In the Run box, type regsvr32 jscript.dll>Click OK.

Need to enable Userdata for this feature error when trying to save in Advanced Setings:-

Start Internet Explorer. >Tools >Internet Options.
Select the Security tab >Select the Internet Web zone icon.
To adjust the security level, click Custom Level.
Under Miscellaneous enable Userdata persistence.
The Are you sure you want to change the security settings for this zone dialog box opens.
Click Yes.
Click OK.

Clicking History you get a blank page:-
1.Start Internet Explorer.
2. Use the Tools menu to press Pop-up Blocker and Pop-up Blocker Settings.
3. Type into the Address of Web site to allow box and press Add.
4. Press Close

When clicking a link on the View Installation History page, you see the home page within the main window.:-
Start. >Run>In the Run box, type regsvr32 URLMON.dll.>Click OK.

Error on Page Line 130 Char 5:-
Start > Run.>In the Run box, type regsvr32 URLMON.dll>Click OK.

When clicking a link, you see the HTTP Error 500 - Internal Server Error, Error 0x8ddd0010:-

These behaviors are caused by the pop-up blocker in SP2, or a 3rd party pop-up blocker.
1.Start Internet Explorer.
2. Use the Tools menu to press Pop-up Blocker and Pop-up Blocker Settings.
3. Type into the Address of Web site to allow box and press Add.
4. Press Close.

Click Control Panel. >Administrative Tools> Computer Management.
Expand Local Users and Groups.
Select Users.
Open the account used to access Windows Update.
Click the Member Of tab.
Highlight the user account you want to remove and click Remove.

Clear the Internet Explorer cache.Delete all temporary internet files,cookies as well as offline contents.

check the Proxy/Firewall settings

There may be problem with DNS Server,try with another DNS server

Know How :-

What's New on Windows Update
When you install Windows XP SP2, you may be asked to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Update. Here's why.

Where windows update temporarily store in SP2?
There is no WUTemp folder like XP SP1 in XPSP2.To view:- Start>Run>%windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download\>ok

How to save Windows updates on CD or Hard Drive:-
Check it here:-

Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter

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