Thursday, June 23, 2005

How To Change Default 'Save in' Location

The problem:-Whenever I use the " Save As " option it
always open an location that I don't care to use , Now
I am curious if I could change the location.

Resolution:-you can use TweakUI.Open Tweak UI>Common dialogs>Places bar [The common dialog boxes, such as the Save As dialog box, display the places bar on the left side. These are shortcuts to common folders, which make getting around much easier. By default, you see the History, Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and My Network Places folders there. You can customize the folders that appear in the places bar by using the Common Dialogs category in TweakUI.]

Download:- Tweak UI v2.10 for XP/XP SP1

If You have XP Professional then You may use Group Policy :-

Start>Run>GPEDIT.MSC >ok

Navigate to this location:

Navigate to this location:
User Configuration >
Administrative Templates >Windows Components >Windows Explorer
>Common Open File Dialog

Double-click Items displayed in Places Bar and add your places.

[Explanation:-It configures the list of items displayed in the Places Bar in the Windows File/Open dialog. If enable this setting you can specify from 1 to 5 items to be displayed in the Places Bar.
The valid items you may display in the Places Bar are:
1) Shortcuts to a local folders -- (ex. C:\Windows)
2) Shortcuts to remote folders -- (file://server/share)
3) Common Shell folders.
The list of Common Shell Folders that may be specified:
CommonDocuments, CommonMusic, CommonPictures, Desktop, MyComputer, MyDocuments, MyFavorites, MyMusic, MyNetworkPlaces, MyPictures, Printers, ProgramFiles, Recent.
If you disable or do not configure this setting the default list of items will be displayed in the Places Bar.]

Through Registry:-

now navigate to:-
Note that by default Placesbar key is not present; you need to create one.
Create a String value for it named Place0. Place0 is the top-most folder, it appears on the Open/Save As dialog. Type the folder name with it's full path as the value of Place0.You can create similar keys and values upto Place4.It will be like this:-


boblamb58 said...

Excellent advice!! gpedit does the trick just fine, easier than regedit. On thing I did notice, if you do not choose 5 separate locations, the last one will be repeated in the save location list!!!

Its Me said...

Excellent description. It is something that I have been looking for almost a year.

Paul D said...

awesome! thanks for the intro to GP, very useful. finally got the freedom to control the things i want to.

Petyo said...

I was accumulating agression on the 'save in' dialog until I found your advice, so.. Thank You!! :))
Only thing is, it seems the whole five places have to point at some location, or Windows automatically fills them with a folder link (which in my case were opening the desktop).

bub said...

Waaaw, you just realised 50% of my ultimate dream. The other 50% - come on, you can do it - is 'what about the left pane in windows explorer', can we also add a folder there?

FICKES said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been meaning to figure this one out and this post got me going first try. HIGH FIVE!

Selvan777 said...

Great, but I'd like to know how to auto select the location of choice?