Monday, January 16, 2006

wininet.dll missing

What does this dll do?

This dll contains Internet-related functions used by Windows applications.

How To Restore it:-

Use the Recovery Console from your XP CD and then use the EXPAND command to copy a replacement for wininet.dll to \Windows\System32Boot from the Windows XP installation CD-ROM (make sure your primary boot device is the CD-ROM drive;change in the BIOS to do that),then use the EXPAND command: expand d:\i386\wininet.dl_ c:\windows\system32\wininet.dll (where d:=your CD-ROM) Then type EXIT and restart the machine.


Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console;en-us;314058

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to_goeber said...

You can also fix it easier by
putting the dll on a memory stick or floppy (just copy it from another pc). then start the pc... you won't be able yo login but the welcome screen does show up. press ctrl+alt+del here and go to File -> New task (run)... now click the 'browse...' button. and enter *.* in the filename inputbox, hit enter and all filetypes will be visible. Now browse to the memorystick/floppy and copy the dll with ctrl+c or the right-click menu. now browse to c:\windows\system32 and past the file with ctrl+v or by using the right-click menu. now press 'cancel' and enter 'explorer' in the inputbox, press 'ok' and your pc is fixed