Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blank Device Manager

The Problem:-When you open device manager,you get nothing.It's totally blank.

Cause:-If Plug and Play service is either off or disabled then it may happen.Plug and Play Service enables a computer to recognize and adapt to hardware changes with little or no user input. Stopping or disabling this service will result in system instability.

Scroll down to Plug and Play service>Double Click on it>Make the StartUp type -Automatic>Click Ok/Apply.>Now reboot the system.

Further Reference:-
No Items Appear in the Device Manager List When You Open It


Vardhan said...

of all steps mentioned above if u r still not able to get then u can try this 1.

go to control panel, add or remove programs there sort by date last used. there check if there is any update frm windows media player it will be in the name "windows media format 9 series runtime setup"

uninstall this application. restart system and vola ur device manager is full and all devices rocking.

and is bill gates hinting of getting into anti spyware biz?
coz its a good strategy

- vardhan

mohamed said...

that happens if u upgraded up windows service pack 3 and u dis\didnt disable the antivirus

u can fix that by microsoft file
logon in safe mode and run the fix exe