Thursday, November 24, 2005

Annoying empty "Custom" folder on Desktop

The Problem:- When booting my XP pro pc, I boot to a desktop that contains an empty and inactive "Custom" folder. I can close it and proceed, but it is agrivating.

Cause:- This can be caused by leftovers from cleaning up spyware.


Open Control Panel>Folder Options> View tab, uncheck the line "restore
previous folder windows at logon". Click apply/ok.

Start>Tun>msconfig>ok. On the general tab select the diagnostic mode. Click
apply/ok and reboot at prompted.

The folder should not show up now. Rerun msconfig, put the
system back in
normal mode. Click apply/ok and reboot once more.

To remove the entires from the registry,see:-
'How to remove Startup items from the Source'

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