Friday, April 21, 2006

How to change the default opening path of Windows Explorer

Introduction:-Windows Explorer opens in My Documents by default.But you can easily change the path.

How to:-Start>All Prgrams>Accessories>Windows Explorer.

Now right click on the icon of Windows Explorer >select Properties>Click on Shortcut.You will find the default path is %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe in the Target box.Simply change it to get the desired target.
If you change it to %systemroot%\explorer.exe /e then Windows Explorer will open in to C:\ drive
If you change it to %systemroot%\explorer.exe /e, then it will open in to My Computer.
If you change it to %systemroot%\explorer.exe /e, D:\ then it will open in to D drive.


charlih said...

It only works while you open Windows Explore from Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer.

But it won't work if you open the explore from Start -> Right click mouse button.

Lem's Thoughts said...

I have followed your suggested steps and also Microsoft's at: (all the spaces are right)

And other. . .

No matter what I enter in the Target box Explorer opens in My Documents.

I just reinstalled XP Media Center Addition on my Dell Inspiron 1705 about 8 hours ago and would sure like Explorer to work like I used to have it setup.

Any suggestion?

Please don't reply via email until after the weekend(our hosting company is moving their servers this weekend and our email is down).

Lem's Thoughts said...

Figured it out. In Home Addition and Media Addition you need to use a shortcut and not a copy of Explorer.

Right click on the shortcut icon and select Properties. Then modify Target to the desired path.