Monday, March 27, 2006


This command is actually not available in Windows XP.It launches a graphic IP configuration.But still you can use it in XP.To do this,visit:-

Download and install:-WntIpcfg_setup.exe it's a 152 kb file.

Now after this, locate where you have downloaded the file eg. it may be under the C:\Program Files\Resource Kit.Create a shortcut of WINIPCFG.EXE by right clicking Send To Desktop option(create shortcut).Now double click on it to launch it.

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DomiGog said...

Thanks for this; I needed to know this while I have been sucessfully leaving the terrible enslavement of Micro$oft. I am happily running Linux and when I have to revert to WinXp I run it undet VirtualBox ( and when I have finished with it I stuff it away again. No worries! Hurrah for Free Software!