Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Internet Explorer Repair Tool In XPSP2

As such there is no Internet Explorer Repair Tool available in Windows XP.But you can easily reregister many IE files.Thus the following command becomes a sort of IE repairing tool.

How To:-
Start>Run>type in:IExplore.exe /rereg>Ok

This command will allow you to re-register many dll files,including:-
actxprxy.dll, asctrls.ocx, browseui.dll, cdfview.dll, comcat.dll, comctl32.dll, corpol.dll, cryptdlg.dll, digest.dll, dispex.dll, dxtmsft.dll, dxtrans.dll, hlink.dll, iepeers.dll, iesetup.dll, imgutil.dll, inetcpl.cpl, inetcpl.cpl, initpki.dll, inseng.dll, jscript.dll, licmgr10.dll, mlang.dll, mobsync.dll, msapsspc.dll, mshta.exe, mshtml.dll, mshtml.dll, mshtmled.dll, msident.dll, msieftp.dll, msnsspc.dll, msr2c.dll, msrating.dll, msxml.dll, occache.dll, oleaut32.dll, plugin.ocx, pngfilt.dll, proctexe.ocx, scrobj.dll, sendmail.dll, setupwbv.dll, shdocvw.dll, shdocvw.dll, tdc.ocx, urlmon.dll, vbscript.dll, webcheck.dll, wininet.dll

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