Monday, September 04, 2006

Vista Pre RC 1 is better than Vista RC 1

Yes.It may sound odd and funny but that's exactly is my personal opinion.

Pre RC1 takes less time to instal than the RC1 build.Almost a 5 minutes difference on same hardware machine.

Pre RC 1 boots faster.

Pre RC 1 build takes lesser time to access various applications than RC 1.

Pre RC 1 is more stable.

As far as nforce drivers are concerned still RC 1 is not friendly with them.

The latest released driver for RC1 by Nvidia makes the system crash prone.

Vista Media Center guide takes a considerable time to download the latest guide on same internet speed which I used for Pre RC1 guide downloading.

Apart from a few diffrences in RC1,still I shall say Pre-RC1 is better.

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