Thursday, April 21, 2005

Seventeen Reasons for having a Tablet PC

What is Tablet PC?

Power,mobility,versatility if all these are included in a portable computer that's approximately the size of a paper tablet,which runs on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition whch is a superset of Windows XP Pro.

Why Tablet PC?

1]It's a much newer product than the notebooks or PDA.
2]It can be used when using a keyboard in classes and meetings making things very cool and easy.
3]It has advanced handwriting and speech recognition capabilities-helping you to create,store and transmit handwritten notes and voice input.
4]It has a much longer battery life.
5]It has a high resolution-making things very clear and eye soothing.
6]It is light in weight.Yes,lighter than note books thus very much mobile in true sense.
7]It has an advanced chipset -low heat processor.
8]Most tablet PCs are are not touch sensitive so you can even rest your hand on the screen while writing-though there are exceptions also.
9]Forget your typing speed,forget whether you type by one hand -you have now got a digital pen.Just go on writing as you are used to do with your pen.
10]It supports multiple languages-Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 is available in 20 languages in addition to English.
11]With the introduction of Windows XP SP2,tablet pc 2005 has become more secured than ever.
12]Developers can take advantage of the Tablet PC platform to incorporate context tagging and support for ink in Web forms.
Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Development Kit 1.7 is available for download at The Tablet PC Developer Center on MSDN
13]There are three models of tablet pc available in the market-convertible model with a built-in keyboard or a slate model for ultimate mobility and a hybrid.Choose what you need.
14]Pen input helps to share your handwriting with others who don't have tablet pc.
15]Input panel converts your handwriting to text.
16]OneNote 2003 Service pack One has helped a tablet pc tremendously.It offers improved ink performance, customizable pens, the new media features in OneNote 2003 SP1 for video notes and the screen clipping tool.
17]Tablet PC supports instant screen rotation so that one can switch from portrait to landscape mode -and that too without restarting the computer.

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David Dean said...

Tablet PCs are fantastic, but point 5 is just not true. Tablet PCs have very low resolution compared to most notebooks. (sorry to nit-pick)