Saturday, February 26, 2005


Insert the XP installation CD-ROM and reboot your machine.
When the installation menu appears, press the R key to start an recovery
console session.
When prompted, select the installation and enter the Administrator
password (if no,then it's a blank one)
At the console, navigate to the system32\drivers folder, assuming your
Windows folder is called "windows," by typing :-
cd \windows\system32\drivers
Rename the current ntfs.sys file by typing :-
ren ntfs.sys ntfs.bad
Copy the ntfs.sys file from your installation CD-ROM to your current
location by typing :-
copy :\i386\ntfs.sys
Be sure you include the period at the end of the command to instruct
your system to use the current location.
Remove the XP installation CD-ROM, then restart your machine.

1 comment:

krish said...

i am getting an error message saying "the file couldnot be copied "..
what am i supposed to do ??

if i run dir command in c:\windows\system32\drivers all the files are not shown and a message is coming saying "an error occured during directory enumeratio"

thank you :)