Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This is a great tool which helps to resolve the fault that occurs when the MFT (master file table) on a NTFS partition becomes fragmented. It updates the boot code of the NTFS boot sector.

When to use:-When messages like- "Cannot locate NTLDR" or "Cannot load NTLDR into memory" or,"NTLDR missing" keeps comming up.

How to use:-
1]Download the utility.
2]Create a boot floppy disk.See:-
3]Boot from the disk and then run the utility from the command line against the affected drive:-
a:\bcupdate.exe c:



Click here to get bcupdate2.exe



Soumitra Sengupta said...

Hi Mike,
Try the following link.It's working:-

Soumitra Sengupta said...

Hi Mike,
I am really sorry to know.Anyway,I have updated the link.Just click on the exe file underthe download.It should work.Once again sorry for the inconvenience.
Wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the file and typed d:\bcupdate2.exe c:

and I get the command is not recognized. What is the problem?

MikeB said...

Hi ssg
I booted my pc from a floppy, then inserted the bcupdate floppy nad typed the command at the a: prompt, but all I get is cannot run this in DOS mode.

Soumitra Sengupta said...



Soumitra Sengupta said...

Also see the discussions here:-

Lya said...

Thank you VERY much for this information, it really helped when a brand new computer with fresh Windows XP installation started to act up during boot sequence (NTLDR is missing..)

Unknown said...

:s How to run it from floppy disk?

jitsuki said...

I managed to get it from here:


Ricardo said...

Thanks a lot. I downloaded and run the file.

dell said...

Hi ssg
I booted my pc from a floppy, then inserted the bcupdate floppy nad typed the command at the a: prompt, but all I get is cannot run this in DOS mode.


dell said...

hi everyone,

can you please help me on how to use bcupdate2 to fix my pc. i downloaded the file but i dont know how to use it that works. i received the message "this program cannot be run in dos mode".

thanks for your support!


Mikage Ryuji said...

according to the support kb article from m$:

Run the following command at the command prompt to update the boot code of the NTFS boot sector:

Bcupdate2.exe C: /F

Note Other command-line parameters are supported:
/q - Quiet mode (must include /y)
/y - Don't confirm
/f - Force update of in use volume
/t - Only test for old boot code

indyheart said...

Also have the problem of having a newer machine that does not have a floppy drive. Can you please post the link that shows how to make a bootable CD to fix this problem? also i have a problem where one machine uses xp home and one uses xp professional (the one with the error)-- so i cannot just copy and paste the files from one to the cd, correct? they would be different based on the version you are trying to run. thanks for any help!!