Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This is a great tool which helps to resolve the fault that occurs when the MFT (master file table) on a NTFS partition becomes fragmented. It updates the boot code of the NTFS boot sector.

When to use:-When messages like- "Cannot locate NTLDR" or "Cannot load NTLDR into memory" or,"NTLDR missing" keeps comming up.

How to use:-
1]Download the utility.
2]Create a boot floppy disk.See:-
3]Boot from the disk and then run the utility from the command line against the affected drive:-
a:\bcupdate.exe c:



Click here to get bcupdate2.exe



Mike B said...

I clicked on 'bcupdate2.exe'but it keeps telling me the page is not available. Where do I go from here?
Thanks for any help.

Soumitra Sengupta said...

Hi Mike,
Try the following link.It's working:-

Mike said...

Hi ssg
Tried the poseidon link, but the page was not available.

Soumitra Sengupta said...

Hi Mike,
I am really sorry to know.Anyway,I have updated the link.Just click on the exe file underthe download.It should work.Once again sorry for the inconvenience.
Wish you all the best.

EllieP said...

Ellie P
I have downloaded the file successfully thanks. From the command line I receive the following
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
Does the operating system need to be fully loaded and enter the command prompt via Start, Run + cmd??

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the file and typed d:\bcupdate2.exe c:

and I get the command is not recognized. What is the problem?

Frank said...

I typed d:\bcupdate2.exe c: and I keep getting the error The command is not recongnized:(
Any ideas as to what is the problem?

Dawnvk said...

All the fixes for the NTLDR is missing problem involve creating a boot floppy - only problem is, many new machines, including mine, don't even have a floppy drive. Are there instructions somewhere for creating a boot CD?

Avish said...

Hi! Dawnvk,
Start Nero There Is A Opption To Create A Boot Cd

MikeB said...

Hi ssg
I booted my pc from a floppy, then inserted the bcupdate floppy nad typed the command at the a: prompt, but all I get is cannot run this in DOS mode.

Soumitra Sengupta said...



Soumitra Sengupta said...

Also see the discussions here:-

Lya said...

Thank you VERY much for this information, it really helped when a brand new computer with fresh Windows XP installation started to act up during boot sequence (NTLDR is missing..)

Unknown said...

:s How to run it from floppy disk?

jitsuki said...

I managed to get it from here:


Ricardo said...

Thanks a lot. I downloaded and run the file.

dell said...

Hi ssg
I booted my pc from a floppy, then inserted the bcupdate floppy nad typed the command at the a: prompt, but all I get is cannot run this in DOS mode.


dell said...

hi everyone,

can you please help me on how to use bcupdate2 to fix my pc. i downloaded the file but i dont know how to use it that works. i received the message "this program cannot be run in dos mode".

thanks for your support!


Mikage Ryuji said...

according to the support kb article from m$:

Run the following command at the command prompt to update the boot code of the NTFS boot sector:

Bcupdate2.exe C: /F

Note Other command-line parameters are supported:
/q - Quiet mode (must include /y)
/y - Don't confirm
/f - Force update of in use volume
/t - Only test for old boot code

indyheart said...

Also have the problem of having a newer machine that does not have a floppy drive. Can you please post the link that shows how to make a bootable CD to fix this problem? also i have a problem where one machine uses xp home and one uses xp professional (the one with the error)-- so i cannot just copy and paste the files from one to the cd, correct? they would be different based on the version you are trying to run. thanks for any help!!